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the noon

The Noon, the Avow and also Dotti are typefaces that I started as part of my Master Thesis exploring the possiblity of typographic systems to make the learning of languages more accessible.
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noon - master thesis

welcome to my portfolio website 'lisamise.' ... i am a designer living and working in west cork, ireland. this is my first portfolio ever to go live and i chose to show a few selected pieces created throughout my career ... enjoy!


first website

my first ever live website i created in the year 2000.
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robocop kraus robocop kraus
mediawuerz mediawuerz


most favourite website

my most favourite website project was in 2006 - it was great fun and team was brilliant to work with!
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branding projects

i love working for Kunnert and Tierney and this is my most loved branding project: jam
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cosmos direct cosmos direct


important project

there are project in your career you look back on and realise they were the most important ones - mine was Cosmos Direct
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most loved awards

the pixelworld (illustration) within the Altersvorsorge website was the illustration project i enjoyed most 
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Deutscher Multimedia Award 2006 Deutscher Multimedia Award 2006


Lisa Lammerschmidt

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